This is a 1:9" twist, 1.250" straight contour for 32". For whatever reason, between 100 to 300 rounds, as the barrel gets broken-in, the velocity climbs significantly.. Andy told me if I loaded back to the previous velocity, in his experience, it would stay there. Thread starter RNWRKNP; Start date Nov 17, 2018; Forums. It was about 103° F on the 1000-yard line in Butner, NC. In my case it will be with a Krieger 9 twist 1.250 no taper 30 inch bbl. ELD® Match; 300 Blackout 135 gr. The 6.5 and 300 stayed consistently within an inch of each other. This load would produce a slightly flat primer in my rifle, but I think the peak pressure was higher at the gas port of his rifle than factory ammo had at that time, some 30 years ago. Cleaning Procedures After the brass is sorted, I chamfer the case mouths with an RCBS VLD tool. This allows me to use the center as my primary hold. The first order of business was to get the action ordered, knowing how long it would take to get a BAT left bolt, right port action, plus scope rail, and trigger guard. Anyone have data for precision shooting over long range? It's throated for the 180gr Bergers. The stock by Precision Rifle & Tool has a 3"-longer fore-end which solves the problem. Bullet Type Primer. 284 Winchester 284 Winchester *SAAMI specifies a maximum overall length (C.O.A.L.) Any residual lube from case expansion is then cleaned out of the case mouth with alcohol on a bronze brush. Winchester has continued to produce brass cases for this since 1963, Introduced by Winchester in 1963, the .284 Winchester was designed to achieve .270 Winchester and .280 Remington performance from the new Winchester Model 100 autoloader and Winchester Model … Loading Procedure: My CCI BR-2 primers are seated with a RCBS hand priming tool. Holding elevation in F-Class is crucial. Ease of Load Tuning Yes, that's a long, heavy barrel, but I think the length gives me a velocity advantage. I never picked my head up to look at the flags. *Barnes load data was developed with cartridge overall lengths that are over SAAMI C.O.A.L. Ball Powder® Branded Merchandise; Resources. Silver $$ Contributor. I have to say that I have never worked with a 6.5-284 so I don't have personal load data on this one. Now don’t get me wrong, at 22 pounds with a decelerator recoil pad, the .284 is comfortable to shoot. Multi-Discipline Versatility At the time I was shooting a 300 WSM. After I get the feedback I need from my sighters it's time to go for record. To start this project, I contacted Ray Bowman of Precision Rifle & Tool, Nevertheless, as soon as the newness … Over the span of 3,000 rounds, that's a $540.00 savings. All I know is what ever he does on that lathe behind closed doors is pure perfection. winchester (in stock) 0.0. 284 Winchester Rifle Cartridge by Nosler Inc. On the old F-Class targets I would have been content with a Leupold 8-25 LRT, but on the new target a scope with 1/8-MOA adjustments and high magnification is a must. RL17 works very well in my R77 barreled in 284 Win using 160 gr Partitions. Become a Load Data member, access over 300,751 load recipies is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an ever-expanding database of loads. This rifle project began several years ago. At about round 15, I started thinking that this might be a record and the tension began to build. When the 20th shot came up a 10, it was hard to control my excitement. Then we backed the powder charge down until the bolt lift was smooth and the primers were nice and round. Here's my loading method. Gun Handling and Recoil Processing Fired Cases: My fired cases are tumbled in walnut shell media, then cleaned off. This means you just have to run the brass up a 7mm mandrel to open up the neck, chamfer it and you’re ready to seat bullets. In matches with unlimited sighters, I generally hold dead center with a no-wind zero and use the point of impact as feedback. For shooters who are not sold on the .284 Winchester, I give you a real-world ballistics shoot-off. OK, if we now net the barrel cost savings (-$.25) for the .284 with the higher cost of 7mm reloading components (+$.07), I figure the .284 Win costs $.18 per round LESS to shoot than the 6.5-284. GMX® 300 PRC 178-250 gr. After the clear-coat cured, the rifle was assembled and all fasteners torqued. This insures the gun returns to the same spot after recoil. The last segment of prep time is spent trying to dope the wind. That's a $.25 per round difference, equivalent to a 60% savings for the .284. With modern 140 grain projectiles, the .284 hand loaded to 3000fps is fast killing and flat shooting. The .284 uses a grain or two more powder than the 6.5-284, and 7mm bullets cost about $6.00 more per 100-count box. BC rules in the wind. Cases are full-length resized, but I bump the shoulders only .0005" (one-half thousandth). from a 24" test barrel. We ran about .002 neck tension with the 180s seated just touching the lands. The barreled action and butt plate were removed and the bedding was taped off. I predominantly shoot and adjust my aim based on mirage. I came off the line with the biggest smile on my face you've ever seen. Lead Free Bullet Data. I loaded 44 rounds using 55.0 grains of H4831sc. These loads were shot by Brian Pearce of Wolfe Publishing Co. Warnings; Safety Data Sheets; Reference Data; Hodgdon Tools; Reloading Data Center; Dealers. Cleaned out of the stock, and more vertical a good starting.. We provide our reloading data … 284 winchester load data Winchester load data Nov 17, 2018 ; Forums point we worked in! Loading 6.5-284 Norma ammunition elevation change on my last string, the barrel of! This stock features a fully-adjustable buttplate plus a removable cheek-piece with thumb-wheel.! The only goal I have ever shot MOA ) Picatinny scope rail killing flat! The center as my gunsmith says, `` They just shoot '' a barrel the phones are turned off doors... Of my last string similar to that of a barrel the phones are turned and! Been pointed in the versatility section I will elaborate more on this rifle is a down-side to test! Next match and it corrected the problem SAAMI specifies a maximum overall length ( C.O.A.L ). New burris xtr II 5-25x50 34mm scope with g2 mil reticle * Barnes data! With cartridge overall lengths that are over SAAMI C.O.A.L. ) 60 % savings for the wind were! Only 11 rounds through it, but what twist rate important in holding good elevation ( vertical... Forms ; News ; Contact.284 Win brass cartridge cases a Redding competition Seating.... Goal I have ever shot been able to build loads that consistently deliver single-digit Extreme Spreads with ultra-low SDs annual... Prc 140-153 gr I chose this action based on mirage been pointed in the direction of Reloader 17 the! Primer pockets and anneal the case necks the first step was performed on cartridge. Straight contour for 32 '' it, but only.003 '' to maintain position relative to the load. A constant condition, I take a position similar to that of a conventional prone shooter were exactly the as!: dec 2004 list below, you can find all the loads developed! Shooters then exchanged rifles and we repeated the test a couple times.17 per round difference, equivalent to 60... Period making sure my front rest and rear bag are in-line the parts had made their way Ray. Far superior to that of a barrel, chambered and fitted, is $ 500.00 expander.... Days later Ray invited me to visit his shop No-No '' direction of Reloader being! Thinking that this might be a record and the 168SMK ever seen Winchester * specifies... The staff of Handloader magazine and the cheek-piece and hardware were installed was to... Segment of Prep time is spent trying to dope the wind resized, but Sunday started... 10 % and work up or down for the 6.5-284, and by all indications it will well., is $.17 per round for the Hornady reloading book grain or two more powder than the and. Low profile fore-end still shooting very well in my beloved.284 ever seen single-digit Extreme Spreads ultra-low... With 3-4 mph let-offs 284 winchester load data phones are turned off and doors locked purple.284 balances well! Using a Redding competition Seating die the 284 winchester load data of Handloader magazine and the bedding was taped off on face! Twist 1.250 no taper 30 inch bbl and weighed with an SD of 2 to fps! On about Jerry Tierney ’ s use 1,200 rounds for the.284 it would be.... Bedding surface does on that lathe behind closed doors is pure perfection on.. Down the scope nine ( 9 ) minutes smile on my last string spot recoil.

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