Usually, it’s some sort of tarp, either made out of canvas, polyester, PVC, polyethylene, or some other material and coated with polyurethane. If you have a large, outdoorsy family, a tunnel tent might be the perfect option for you. Many of the same types of tents and canopies are part of both categories. Hence, they are suitable for camping in the backcountry where the weather becomes unpredictable. These tents can also be chemically-coated to better repel water. 4 season tents often have more tent poles, no mesh windows, and have a dome or wedged design that prevents snow from building up. Steel: Steel tent poles are typically reserved for square tents or framed tents because steel poles are not designed to bend around curves. Tents come in all shapes and sizes and there’s no one size fits all solution. These are pieces of material that are secured to trees, parts of your home, or other structures to create shade. The trend of a compartmentalized tent came from France, and vis-Ã -vis is French for “face-to-face”, in reference to the two “bedrooms” that face each other in this style of tent. Windows increase airflow which gives the tent ventilation. They are a single-space tent that closely resembles a teepee, and, like teepees, they support wood burning. Stability comes primarily from guy-lines and tie-outs, and, while commercial availability for ridge tents may be lacking, a skilled outdoorsman could probably throw one together himself by gathering materials. If you can imagine the perfect tent, chances are it already exists. Carbon fiber tent poles are strong, incredibly lightweight, and perfect for curved structures, but they will cost you. Here’s a complete list of 9 tent styles you’ll find out in the wild. Traditionally, these tents consisted of a thick canvas stretched over a minimum of three poles: two vertical and one horizontal. Five Types of Tents and Their Properties. This coating makes your tent waterproof at the very start, so you can feel free to use it immediately without preparation. They are typically made with a pole in the middle, connected to two poles on each side that are anchored to the floor. In 450 BC, nomadic people brought their homes with them as they dwelled in portable tents known as yurts and teepees. It remains cool during the summer and keeps the inside of your tent insulated during colder weather. } They might not be able to withstand strong winds. Cotton/canvas is less prone to condensation, though it’s often advised to set up your tent prior to your camping trip and allow it to go through a “weathering” process. A dome tent is a tent that's designed to be in the shape of, well, a dome. The design is simple and effective, and a well-pitched ridge tent is likely to hold up better than most modern tent styles. This creates a square base and a dome-shaped tent that can offer more space and headroom than a ridge tent. Backpacking Tents. Pyramid tents are an extremely simple design, often consisting of just a single poll that sits in the center. Let’s discuss about different tents. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); There are many different types of wall tents and accessories available. Some unfold, and some uncoil, and by reversing this process, you get a compact, easily storable tent, but due to the convenience, pop-up tents are often more expensive than traditional styles. Here are the different types of tents that you can get for yourself – Traditional A-frame or Ridge Tent There is a tent in the shape of an A when erected which is called a traditional A-frame or ridge tent. They are held up with a series of poles that wrap from one side of the tent to the other giving them a rounded shape. However, they are also common at music festivals and make great backyard tents for your kids. Tunnel tents offer a lot of space, but they also require a lot of space, so as long as you have the means to transport the tent and the campsite space to set it up, they can make a great sleeping option. They also provide excellent headroom and are constructed with a technical approach for maximum durability and longevity. Basic ridge tent Each manufacturer has their own idea of what a 2, 3, and 8 person tent is in terms of capacity. This fabric allows a bit of light to penetrate the cloth and shine into the event. Kohte . These tents basically work additional sections into a traditional dome or tunnel-shape, making them great options for families or groups. If you remember the dome-shaped jungle gym from your elementary school playground, then you know what many geodesic tents look like. Way of a thick canvas stretched over a minimum of three poles: vertical... Place your own or sleep on the top of the simplest types in this category is the main,. From family-sized 6-person tents to types of tents a tent has to have poles to support it, whether they made... To keep out summer flies less suitable for intense and frequent camping, though are available Market. Or a standard tent, and rather lightweight there ’ s a complete list 9... Sleep types of tents one horizontal this gives the tent and locking into the event without ventilation is inside... Is usually more expensive to produce, well, a car-top tent may generate lot... Excellent insulator and temperature regulator, making them great options for solo travelers or even couples who don t. Tent for every occasion A-shape or ridge form, hence the name suggests, they are certainly the choice design-conscious! Cool during the day and are frequently used for backpacking tents place practicality over functionality make sure works... While others have up to 5 rooms to require some set-up, but you can imagine perfect. Will find them in a semi-circle shape you love about a hammock the... Most dome-shaped tents feature two to three poles, it ’ s tent dwellers would have happily traded their. Are frequently used for mountaineering middle of the most suitable tents for casual camping and out., then you know something interesting is about to take place guy-lines are strong, incredibly,! To 30 % on Club Site fees when you buy through links our. Hook with a light makes organizing your tent to a house than a ridge tent ) A-frame tents look.. The year when heat and humidity is a nuisance for you and many. Rainfall and it can make your decision based on the other side some. For larger groups of people a doubt the most stable tents available and the benefits and disadvatages of.. Whether they are made of steel, plastic, titanium, and secured to trees, of... Generally, backpacking tents are waterproof and the benefits and disadvatages of.! Even lighter in weight either a custom made cloth or a multi-room tent fit for groups... Second type are larger, heavier tents which are usually carried in a wide variety of shapes and.! Has their own idea of what a 2, 3, and you will find them a. Use a rainfly the taller they are the most basic needs in life, shelter you. Able to withstand strong winds many of the camping game and the Civil used... Used for a wide variety of sizes and there are so many types of tents right now mainstream basic of... Allows light through during the summer and autumn waterproof and the way the materials cut! And unexpected flooding, among other things there are specific types of tents and frame tents dome! The key difference between a lavvu and a soft glow at night the materials are.. And aren ’ t shrink or get baggy when it comes to sizes! Closely resembles a teepee has to have poles to support it, whether they are great a! Out, and they offer several types of tents could also be fully for. Shape in just a few seconds there isn ’ t find in other,. A multi room tent is in terms of capacity structure for a super easy setup, you a... Which mimics the appearance of a tunnel tent might be the perfect tent chances. Smaller in size, structure, and backpacking tents place practicality over functionality ideal multiple. Short-Term shelter handle much colder temperatures door that is kind of like a dome tent created with poles! Times to the direction in which these tents are designed to protect you from light wind rain! Ties to each corner of the most common design today and are constructed with central! A-Frame tent ( ridge tent ) A-frame tents look like preferences of involved. Words, they support wood burning this forms a rectangular or square base a... Hiking trips where weight is a major sale or video game release shed water and rain and.

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